5 Reasons Our Recital Is The Best!

Recital is so much more than bright lights and sparkly costumes. It is a culmination of months of hard work, sweat, and improvement for all of our dancers. In the time that it takes to prepare for this final performance, the dancers transform right before our eyes and it brings so much joy to our staff and our Move families!

  1. Everyone comes together for the opening number!

The opening number is such a fun way to unite all of our movers! Throughout the season dancers are spending time getting to know their classmates and their teacher which helps them form strong individual bonds. When it’s time to learn the opening number, our students get SO excited to interact with other classes, kids of different ages, and experience different dance styles! Everyone is part of the same dance with different sections for different age groups and it is truly a celebration of dance in every possible way! Before the recital, we put it all together and dancers feel a strong sense of community with every person in the studio who has come together to make opening number a success. They are all part of something bigger and it is so fun to experience! 

2. We keep it organized!

We jump through hoops to make sure that recital is as organized as possible! Each family receives a personalized schedule from us with class specific call times, dates, and information on all things recital! We use multiple channels of communication to make sure that all information is accessible and clear. Our staff has this process down to a science after years of experience and because of that we can keep it fun backstage! When the recital runs smoothly and information is clear, parents are able to relax and enjoy the process of watching their child shine! 

3. We know how to have FUN!

It’s true that an immense amount of personal growth happens within the walls of the studio from January-June, but let’s not forget that at the end of the day performing is fun. The adrenaline rush of stepping out onto the stage and doing what you love is a feeling like no other. Memories, inside jokes, and most importantly life-long friendships are made in the dance studio and solidified in the wings of the theatre. One of our favorite parts of the recital is the annual recital prank that the students plan for months and execute during dress rehearsal. This is always such a fun way to let loose and gifts us with laughs for days to come. The teachers have a great time letting loose also! Ms. Margo is our resident “hype-man” and she gets out there before the show to hype up the crowd, throw out gift cards and get everyone laughing! Sure we work hard, but we also know how to have a ton of fun while doing it.

4. Parents get to see their children grow right before their eyes!

The first glimpses of our recital dances happen over the tvs in our waiting areas! Parents get to see a small amount of the choreography process, setting formations, cleaning, etc. Months later they are welcomed into the classroom to see the dance in costume for costume week. At this point routines are coming along but still have work to do before they are stage ready. By the time that recital comes around parents get to see the full manifestation of the work their child has put in. Watching how far they have come is a truly magical experience for everyone involved! What could be better than watching someone you love dance on stage? Another thing we love to do is give out stand-out student awards from each teacher! Each teacher gets to choose a student who they feel really stood out for their work ethic and integrity. It truly is a special moment and for the student and parents who did not see the award coming and for the teacher who has the honor of giving it! 

5. Multiple Showcases = pure entertainment!

It is not uncommon in the dance world to encounter a 3 hour long recital! That is a big NO from us! Here at MOVE by Morelli, we divide our classes into multiple showcases so we can keep our audiences entertained and engaged within a reasonable amount of time! We encourage our audience members to cheer loudly to encourage the dancers and include interactive videos to really keep it fresh for all that attend!

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