Dance Recital- more than just sequins and smiles

It’s that time of year again! Sequins, rhinestones, tutus and hair bows make us jump for joy, but what is the recital really all about? We asked our MOVE by Morelli teachers about their favorite memories from growing up dancing and each one of them mentioned getting on stage at the dance recital. Recital is about working towards goals, overcoming nerves, feeling the adrenaline of live performance and expressing yourself in front of family and friends.

Though recital seems like a lifetime away, these dancers begin preparing recital routines in January and February! In this time dancers completely transform into polished performers through hard work and dedication. We feel that working on recital pieces teaches our students skills that last a lifetime. Miss Melissa explains, “I learned SO much about hard work and perseverance through dance. There are times in my dance journey where my goals felt miles away but by pushing through and taking chances I developed self- confidence and skills that I use in my adult life. At recital I would leave the stage with such a sense of accomplishment”. Learning an entire two- minute piece while practicing how to enter and exit the stage, change formations, and perform can be overwhelming, but it can also provide students with an extreme sense of accomplishment when they finally see their hard work pay off!

While working on recital dances, our staff dedicates themselves to helping our students develop into confident performers. Though we offer a lot of correction and training to perfect a routine, our ultimate goal is to see a child take the stage with pride and self-confidence. Stepping onto the stage can be intimidating, but year after year we see our students rise to the occasion knowing they have a community of support behind them! Even the tiniest of dancers get on stage with butterflies in their stomach and blow us away with all that they have learned. We love that our MOVE students can learn how to put themselves out there, take chances, conquer fears, and surprise themselves in a loving and supportive atmosphere!

So what does stepping out onto the stage actually feel like? The adrenaline rush of live performance is like nothing else and is something that our dancers will never forget! The feeling of excitement starts while waiting in the wings to take the stage, hoping you remember your steps and wondering where your family is sitting. Once the lights hit and your music begins, muscle memory takes over, allowing the steps to flow freely. Though the audience is dark and you can only make out silhouettes, the energy from the crowd feels encouraging and empowering. The only way to describe the feeling of being on stage is magic!

Dance is about passion, art, and community and it is a beautiful thing to see young dancers share that with their family and friends. After working so hard all year, feeling the energy of the stage and the love of family provides our recital participants with an intangible feeling that will last a lifetime in their memory. There is no greater feeling as an educator than to see a student grow and believe in themselves and we are so glad that the parents of these incredible students get to feel the same pride at recital. We can’t wait for another year and can’t wait to share this special time with all of you!

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