MOVE by Morelli: The highest quality education in the most positive environment!

We’ve all heard stories about teachers who create an environment based on intimidation and fear to get results out of their students; this unfortunately is too common. What if there’s a better way to motivate students to work hard and push themselves to their full potential? We believe that dance & music education doesn’t have to be stressful and negative to be of the highest quality. Our instructors believe that when you create a space where students are encouraged and taught in a way that makes sense to their own learning style, they will thrive! There doesn’t have to be a trade-off between talent and a great family environment.

At MOVE by Morelli, we pride ourselves on having the most qualified staff around while still maintaining an environment where students develop confidence and feel supported! It all starts with finding the right people who fit our vision of dance & music education. We work to find teachers who are uniquely qualified to be teaching and are the best of the best at what they do.  Among our talented faculty are professional musicians & former and current professional dancers, all of whom are at the top of their individual fields! Missy Morelli, owner and director of MOVE by Morelli has had a successful career as a professional dancer where she booked jobs in television and film around the country and is able to mentor her students in a way that few others can. Though we all come from different backgrounds, we all have one thing in common: a love for teaching and a talent for instilling passion for the arts in our students.

So what happens behind the scenes at MOVE by Morelli? Our teachers are constantly honing their crafts and looking for new ways to create breakthroughs in the classroom. It’s not enough to be a great musician or dancer; our instructors are also incredible educators who have a talent for connecting with their students. We understand that every student learns differently and that it is our responsibility as teachers to adapt to what our students need from us. The opportunity to influence younger generations is a huge honor that we do not take lightly; we could not be prouder of our amazing team of educators!

Throughout the year we see our students form meaningful bonds with their teachers, leave classrooms beaming with pride, and find the confidence to take risks and improve beyond their own expectations. We invite you to see for yourself why MOVE by Morelli is so special! Your first trial class is always on us and our friendly staff is always happy to give you a tour of our new state of the art facility! Come move with us!


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